Air Freight

As a leader in China's air freight market through years of practice and innovation, UBI Logistics has established a convenient and efficient global air transportation network. Our comprehensive range of air freight services, diverse service modes and customized solutions has enjoyed recognition both in China and abroad.

Airlines General Sales and Service Agent

The operation of Airlines General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA) has prevailed in Europe and the U.S. for more than 30 years, and in recent years quickly spread to the rest of the world. UBI Logistics was among the first to explore the GSSA business in China and now we maintain our position as a market leader with years of accumulated experience.

Working as a GSSA for a number of airlines, UBI Logistics provides a range of services, such as sales, customer service, and ground handling, on behalf of our airlines partners in China. With our solid foundation and influence in the Chinese logistics industry, UBI is actively exploring the domestic market for the airlines and winning profits for them through great efforts.

Air Freight Wholesaler

If you are worried about not getting the best price due to a lack of stable cargo volume committed to the airlines, or that you are not able to deliver goods on time due to space shortages in peak season, UBI Logistics can solve all of your trouble.

Through close partnerships with a number of distinctive airlines, UBI Logistics can offer the best combination of space allocation and competitive prices for our clients. Our advantage as a direct partner of the airlines has helped us create an integrated platform of flexible air freight solutions. As an air freight wholesaler, we are able to mitigate the difference between space supply and demand in different seasons, and thus becoming a well acknowledged leading air freight wholesaler in the freight forwarding industry.

Air Priority Service

First things first, so the saying goes. If your cargo is urgent, of high value and/or indispensable at destination, UBI air priority service is the way to go.

We can arrange first direct flight out with space protection as well as fast pick-up/delivery accompanied by speed customs clearance. This makes us faster than regular airfreight, in some cases even faster than express delivery.

We will tailor made the service routes as per your desire:

  • Door-to-Door
  • Door-to-Airport
  • Airport-to-Door, or
  • Airport-to-Airport deliveries

We serve all routes, all sizes, all commodities and will monitor your priority shipments tightly every step on the way.


If you are in a remote location and have large quantities of cargo to move, or if your space requirement cannot be met during peak seasons, or if you have oversized or overweight cargo that is too difficult to load on scheduled flights, UBI Logistics can quickly organize charter services to ensure your goods to arrive the destination on time.

Through decades of cooperation with a number of airlines and charter companies, UBI Logistics can provide tangible results to customers.

A variety of charter resources enables us to work out the best solution based on the special needs of our clients, as well as to allocate costs efficiently while ensuring speedy delivery.