Warehouse, Distribution, Value+

In addition to standard freight forwarding services, UBI Logistics can offer assistance in reducing business risks and increasing the efficiency and speed of your operations. We can add value to your business by understanding your needs and matching them with the right products.

Warehouse & Distribution

Both wholesalers and retailers rely on effective distribution setups to gain a competitive edge. UBI offers the complete chain of warehousing and distribution services, including state-of-the-art tailor-made IT solutions, to support your business in both a cost-effective and reliable way.

Do you require bonded storage and distribution of import cargo? UBI will select a bonded facility fit for you in a geographic location that will reduce your transport costs to a minimum.

Do you need warehousing as part of a complex international distribution setup? UBI can arrange for storage until your clients require the cargo, handle export formalities and deliver to your client's door in any country.

Customized Operation Procedure

If you are purchasing from multiple suppliers and require repackaging before shipping to your customers, UBI can help. UBI is able to consolidate the cargo from various suppliers, assemble, re-pack and label your products based on your requirements and deliver the cargo to your customers.

If you are a middleman sourcing goods from vendors to sell to customers and you do not want to leave clues about the other party on the shipping documents, UBI can also help. We can tailor the documents such that both your vendors and customers see only your contact details.

Tell us your requirements, and UBI will make every effort to set up operation procedures customized to you. We will provide dedicated staff to handle your shipments and satisfy your specific needs in today’s increasingly competitive business environment.

Documentation Advisory

Do you find yourself flipping through the Harmonized Tariff Schedule to find the correct classification of your product in order to qualify for a preferential export tax rebate rate?

Are you uncertain about what additional documentation may be required for shipping dangerous goods or specific commodities, such as solar panels?

At UBI, our knowledgeable customs clearance experts understand the importance of timely and efficient movement of your cargo through customs. We can take care of documentation, and our in-house licensed brokers are available on-site to guide your cargo through the customs clearance process to provide you with the most cost-effective and time-conscious solutions.

In addition, UBI places heavy emphasis on local customs expertise when selecting our global logistics network of partners. We work closely with our global partners to leverage their local knowledge in order to give you that critical edge in expediting customs clearance and shipment delivery.

Insurance Brokerage

Every year, over 200 ships are lost, 300 fall victim to piracy and armed robbery, 3,000 workers suffer casualties at sea, and US$1.5 billion is spent on marine salvage operations. In spite of UBI’s best efforts and high quality services, a scenario in which the vessel carrying your cargo sinks, crashes or gets hijacked by pirate ships is not too far-fetched. To bring the situation a little closer to home, simply imagine a reckless forklift driver punching two holes in your carton containing sensitive equipment during loading or unloading.

Appropriate cargo insurance can cover loss or damage, and UBI can provide added security for your cargo upon your request. We offer competitive rates on all types of cargo insurance, whether for an individual shipment or blanket coverage.