Combining various modes of transport requires the expertise of a skilled provider with a worldwide network. UBI is in the best position to offer you such services, both geographically and in terms of knowledge and experience.

Door-to-Door Service

Do you have an airfreight shipment from Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province, China, to Schorndorf in Germany? We will pick it up for you at your supplier’s door, clear customs at the nearest airport, arrange booking with the airline, receive cargo at its destination and bring it to the desired location.

Do you need to bring a container from Irvine, California to Canberra in Australia? We will place the empty container at the shipper’s premises, truck the cargo to the seaport, bring it on board, arrange the formalities at the destination port and deliver your goods to the land of Koalas and Kangaroos.

With an overseas network of 200 quality partners, UBI can offer you global coverage while keeping the flexibility and customer focus of a medium-sized provider.

Landlocked Areas Coverage

Did you ever wonder how to reach countries like Kazakhstan, Bolivia, Mongolia or Burkina Faso? Do your suppliers run production facilities in China’s Sichuan Province or in Siberia?

UBI is here to help you with transport services from or to the most remote areas. Our transshipment service via North Chinese Ports covers the whole of Central Asia, Mongolia and Siberia, no matter if you chose to go via containerized transport or via rail wagon.

We can take over your container at the Port of Shanghai, ship it up the Yangtze River on a barge, off-load it 1,000 kilometers inland, and truck it to a mountain valley in southwestern China. If you require the route in reverse, that’s no problem for UBI. We will move your cargo via a rail/truck combination to Shenzhen, ship to the U.S. West Coast and bring it again via rail and truck to any town in the U.S. Midwest.

Tailor-Made Transport Solutions

Your cargo is sensitive to both cost and time: How much would you spend & in how long time? We will offer you various options, depending on your time and budget for each individual shipment.

If your cargo is urgent, opt for our truck/air combination with a direct flight. If you still have some time to spend, our sea/air shipment via a transit hub might be the right solution for you.

If you have no time requirements, let us go for pre-carriage by rail, ocean freight with a slow carrier and on-carriage by barge/truck combination.