Sea Freight

UBI Logistics has earned a reputation through the years for our excellent ocean freight services to a large number of destinations worldwide, and today we are one of the most respected service providers in all major ports in China. With our team of highly qualified professionals well prepared to deal with the most diverse and complex operational challenges, we offer the highest level of customer service and professional expertise.

Whether handling import or export, hazardous or nonhazardous, containerized or bulk cargo, palletized cargo or garments on hangers, we will do our best to find the best solutions at the lowest possible costs. Our customer’s satisfaction has always been our top priority, and that means ensuring the safety of your cargo and scheduling shipping in a timely manner.

Full Container Load

UBI can provide the perfect logistics platform for handling full container shipments to or from any location, even in the most remote areas. We offer competitive contract rates with various carriers on all major trade lanes.

Our branches, strategically located at major ports, work with an extensive network of overseas agents to provide geographical coverage in every corner of the world.


If your cargo is too small to fill a container or you have a number of small parcels from different suppliers that need to be consolidated into one container, we can offer the right solution through our Less than Container Load consolidation service. We can also arrange special services such as buyer’s consol, with the possibility of door-to-door delivery.

Booking Agent and Wholesaler

Due to our long-term partnerships with major shipping lines, UBI offers one of the most reliable gateways for direct access to the best ocean freight services. We act as booking agent and freight wholesaler for a number of major carriers, which enables us to have direct and effective control of space allocation and to provide reliable operations management and the most competitive rates to you.

Breakbulk and Roll-on Roll-off Cargo

No way to fit your cargo into a container? Or need to ship goods not suited to containerized transportation? We can find highly effective transportation solutions by engaging breakbulk or roll-on roll-off vessels for any type of cargo suitable for conventional non-containerized transportation.