Project Logistics

With a strategic global network and a staff of seasoned professionals, UBI Logistics provides comprehensive Project Logistics services ranging from transportation of oversize/overweight cargo, fine arts and entertainment road shows, to pet exhibitions. UBI is proud of our swift response, carefully coordinated planning and the smiles on the faces of satisfied clients.

Oversized/Overweight Cargo

Are your goods oversized or irregularly shaped? Is your equipment shipment overweight or outsized? Are your high-tech mechanical products easily damaged or must be kept away from moisture? Let UBI’s professional oversize/overweight cargo services come to the rescue!

UBI works for you to provide the best logistics solution according to industry requirements. We guarantee that you will receive the most economical, safe, and efficient method of delivery for your shipment.

UBI Logistics has a wealth of experience when it comes to oversize/overweight cargo and bulk items, from steel to machinery, we can provide you with professional services based on experience. We will tailor transport methods from large trucks to charter flights according to your shipment’s weight and sizes.

Stage Performance Logistics

Are you responsible for arranging the logistics of a worldwide stadium tour? Are you planning to invite artists from around the world come to China to take part in a festival? Let UBI lend you a hand!

Performance requires passion, but while an inspired burst of improvisation can become the highlight of the show, the logistics behind the scenes requires scientific rigor and careful planning. UBI Logistics is focused on providing global coverage and personalized services for the entertainment industry, including music, sports, television and movies, live broadcasts, exhibitions, theater arts and other areas.

UBI can offer the most efficient logistics solutions, including supply chain management, good project communication, and precise tour arrangements. We will do our best to ensure that every aspect of service is handled responsibly and carefully.

UBI is committed to serving first-class stage performance groups. Our clients include Global Motion, the National Repertory Theatre of China, the Australian Youth Orchestra, the Hong Kong Ballet, the Hong Kong Arts Festival, and the South Korea Art Festival.

Artworks Transportation

Perhaps it’s your priceless collection of paintings, or the antique you purchased overseas, or perhaps you are planning a large-scale art exhibition. Are you worried about how these invaluable treasures, large or small, will arrive intact, secure and quickly to their destination? Let UBI’s Artworks Transportation service help!

Our packaging technicians will carefully protect your goods by taking into account all possible transport risks in our selection of the best materials, container shapes, and tailored packaging for your items. We choose the most suitable storage for your goods according to your requirements on temperature, humidity, security, and space,so that your treasures can stay safe & secure. Our experts provide professional site exhibit services, hospitality, and conscientious attention to details.

When transporting your treasures, insurance is a must. UBI offers insurance for goods worth millions of dollars in partnership with insurers. We can provide you with preferential rates, comprehensive coverage and personalized insurance services.

Pet Logistics

Perhaps you’re planning a large pet show, planning to travel abroad with your dog, or have asked a friend overseas to purchase a new pet. Do you know the various domestic and international pet transport regulations and restrictions?

Let UBI deal with it so you don’t have to.

Pet transport is a complicated procedure, as one must take into account costs as well as safety and efficiency. UBI not only provides consulting on means of animal transport, we also offer pick-up, caging, processing, care, and delivery in a “one-stop” shop. We can provide complete logistics solutions while taking care of and protecting your pet.